Oaf - Botheration (CD)

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Oh look! It's the very first long-playing record by the frequently ignored punk rock troupe, Oaf. Available right now on a deliciously shiny compact disc that comes housed in a very handy and geometrically precise jewel case, replete with an attractive and informative yet very nearly witty booklet containing all the lyrics and some other words that we thought you might like to read while listening to the songs. Or not. Either way, this is probably the greatest album ever made. Or, failing that, an album that isn't entirely awful and could also be used to prop up that wobbly table in the kitchen. We don't really mind what you use it for, as long as you pay us the required amount of hot cash...via "PayPal", whatever that is! We will soon have people who will deal with all this ghastly business stuff for us, with any luck, so hopefully we won't have to get our hands dirty, as it were. This is all getting quite sordid and needlessly complicated already, don't you think? Right, time for a game of Scrabble. Pip pip!

PLEASE NOTE!!! We are temporarily OUT OF STOCK...please buy the other one instead, unless you want to wait until THE END OF TIME.